Mastering The Art Of Self Love ❤

Find your inner sparkle, boost your confidence, and start playing life by your own rules!

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What you'll learn...

The ‘Superwoman Juggle’ - Navigating The Chaos To Find Your Calm

We all know what it feels like to play the role of "superwoman"... expecting ourselves to be everything to everyone; but we also know that it's not sustainable.

In Part 1 of the workshop we'll be focusing on:

✅ Identifying the unique problems that each of us face as women.
✅ The two biggest excuses that we don’t even realise we’re making.
✅ How self-sabotage unravels your purpose and breeds more doubt.
✅ The No. 1 "Rule of Life" that will change your game in an instant.

The 4 Pillars Of Self Awareness - Building A Strong Foundation Of Self

Self Awareness is not just some ‘buzz term’ to be thrown around, it is one of the proven foundations required for every single person to live a happy and fulfilled life.

In Part 2 of the workshop we'll be focusing on:

✅ The 4 pillars and how to use them to supercharge your innate power.
✅ How to make sense of the overwhelm, and bring order to your world.
✅ The 3 biggest mistakes that superwomen make, and how to avoid them.
✅ The self-care ritual that will change your life.

Creating Powerful Rituals - Transforming From Worrier To Warrior!

It’s time to show the world who's boss! I know you have the resilience and confidence to embrace that superwoman within... so now it's time to access that inner-you and show the world who She is!

In Part 3 of the workshop we'll be focusing on:

✅ The top 10 rituals that all super-busy women can do before 10 am.
✅ Extraordinary tools that can calm your mind and physiology instantly.
✅ How to be "the example" and not "the evangelist".
✅ How to be completely and utterly in love with yourself... warts-n-all!




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Who is Kim Morrison?  

World renowned speaker. Best selling author. Successful businesswoman. Aromatherapist. Athletic world record holder.

With her combination of quirky relatability and a "No B.S." approach to life's challenges, Kim has empowered thousands of women around the world to overcome their limiting beliefs, set big goals and most importantly, learn to truly love themselves.

Kim whole-heartedly believes that success is a product of your inner power, passion, commitment and self-belief - and at the foundation of all those things is self love.

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